Borrow up to £25,000 With The Best Personal Loans

Personal loans are the most common types of loans in the UK and are used for every day personal reasons including holidays, paying bills, travel expenses, home improvements and more. Customers can borrow up to £25,000 over 1 to 7 years, with no guarantor required. Your eligibility is based on your income and credit history and if successful, you can usually receive funds within 24 to 48 hours.

All Purpose Loans offers a completely online application process where you can get an initial quote in less than 2 minutes. We require a few simple details completed on our application form and there are no fees for applying or impact to your credit score.

We are a whole of market broker, so you can compare personal loans from over 50 UK lenders in one single place. To get started, simply click on the apply now button below.


No credit check without your consent

Key features of personal loans

  • For personal use
  • Borrow up to £25,000
  • Repaid over 1 to 7 years
  • Repaid in monthly instalments
  • No fees for applying
  • No guarantor required
  • Funding available in 24-48 hours

How much can I borrow?

The best personal loans are available up to £25,000, with some lenders that offer loans for £50,000 or higher.

Personal loans are types of unsecured loans, so you do not need to put down anything as collateral or a valuable asset such as your car or home to be eligible.

Instead, the amount you can borrow is based on your income, credit status and amount of outstanding debt. So the higher your income and better your credit score, typically the more you can borrow.

However, this will depend on other factors such as your other financial liabilities such as mortgage, car and other repayments

Lenders will carry out affordability measures to match the perfect amount you can borrow without falling into financial difficulty.

What is the eligibility criteria for personal loans?

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Full-time UK resident
  • Employed and able to afford repayments
  • Valid UK debit account, mobile and email address
  • Good or fair credit score

Your loan may be subject to status and depending on the lender, may request proof of income with a payslip or bank statement.

Are personal loans for bad credit available?

Yes, customers can apply for personal loans for bad credit histories and depending on the lender, this might be reflected in the interest rate charged or the amount you can borrow.

If you are looking for a personal loan for very poor credit, you may be required to add extra security to your application such as using your car or home as collateral or applying for a loan with a guarantor.

What are the rates charged?

The fees charged for personal loans will depend largely on your credit score, with good credit loans offering rates from 3.3% APR and bad credit histories will pay higher rates to reflect the extra risk.

However, all the loan examples are presented as ‘representative APR’ which is only eligible to 51% of successful customers, so you could always pay higher or lower depending on your criteria.

Apply for a personal loan today with All Purpose Loans

All Purpose Loans acts as a whole of market broker, working with over 50 of the best loans companies in the UK. This allows us to match your application with the lender with the best terms and most likely to accept you.

Upon completing our 2-minute application form online, you will receive an instant decision on the screen with an initial quote. You can choose to proceed and subject to further checks, our customers will usually receive funds in 24 to 48 hours.

Our site is free to use and always will be. We carry out a soft search credit check, so an application will not affect your credit history. To get a quote in seconds, click on the apply now button below.


No credit check without your consent